The 26th July 2015 Khanacross and Motorkhana results.

After a mid season break of over two months drivers from the Douglas Shire Motor Sport Association were keener than ever to hit the track at last Sundays khanacross and junior motorkhana.

Right from the start Cairns drivers Greg Erwin and Steve Van der Brug set the pace posting times with in a second of each other. The battle between the two continued on through out the day with Steve’s Nissan 180SX proving to be an equal match for the previously unbeaten Nissan Micra of Greg Erwin.

It all came down to the last run of the day as after six runs their overall times were tied on 321 seconds. The pressure was on both drivers as they lined up in the start garage.

Greg was first out and recorded a time of 52.43 seconds, a fast time but not fast enough as Steve was able to beat it by just under half a second and win the event outright on a time of 337.39 seconds.

Greg’s second place was the first time that he has not stood on the top spot of the podium this year, although he still has a clear lead in the championship.

Justin Van Dyk overcame previous unreliability issues to power his Hyundai Excel into third spot some twenty seconds further back.

Fourteen-year-old Heath Barry continues to impress finishing fourth outright and first in the junior class, and in doing so beating many of the older and more experienced drivers.

Rounding out the top five was the Ford Cortina of Bob Errey who was competing for the first time this year.

The ladies class was also hotly contested with Kara North beating home Michelle Van Dyk by just three hundredths of a second. In third spot and twelfth outright was Sonia Barry, her best result to date.

Young Ashton Davenport won the junior motorkhana.

Club President, Bob Errey said that it was great to see the juniors doing so well.
“You can see their skills and confidence growing with each event” he said “Although it can be a bit embarrassing when they beat you.”

The Association’s next event is on 16th August.



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