The first event ever run by the club was a khanacross on farmland near Wonga Beach on 15th December 1996. Through the generosity of local landowners and businesses the club continued to run events over the following years at Mt Molloy, Killaloe, Craiglie, Mossman and Whyanbeel.

In 2001 local cane farmers John and Annette Anich offered the Association a lease on a 4-hectare block of old cane land in Finlayvale Rd, North Mossman, which has become known as The Reef and Rainforest Track. The Association has used the land to build tracks for both motorkhana and khanacross events

Included is a flat area used for Junior Motorkhanas and a 750m dirt track for Khanacross events. Motorkhanas and Khanacrosses are single vehicle, timed events run on a dirt track and are designed to test the acceleration, braking and general manoeuvrability of the vehicle and the skill and judgement of the driver.


Minimum age for Khanacross is 14 while juniors may compete in the Motorkhana from 12. It is an excellent way for children to learn to drive in a safe and controlled environment under adult supervision. Here, they can gain confidence behind the wheel and learn car control skills long before they venture out onto the roads.

It is also a great way for the ‘big kids’ to get out and have some fun as well. It is one of the few sports where parents and their children can compete together on an equal basis. The Association has various club cars available for use by new members and all events are run under MA rules and regulations.

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