Track Details:

Track Established: 2001

Length: 750 m (around the outside)

Change in Elevation: 30 m (from start garage to Treeline)

Colt Corner: Named because the first two cars to roll on this corner were Mitsubishi Colts. The first was driven by one of the clubs founding members, Paul Breed. Other cars to roll here include a Gemini, Commodore, Hyundai and Daihatsu Sirion.
The track has now been modified to slow the approach speed into the corner making it safer for competitors.

Brokeback Bend: Despite being one of the slowest corners on the track, Dave Page still managed to put Alex Scomazzon’s Datsun Stanza on its roof here. Dave cracked several vertebrae in his back hence the name. Dave also has the destinction as being the only driver to roll a car twice at the track after putting his Evo on its roof exiting Treeline.

Treeline: Named after the famous Skyline at Bathurst. Following Treeline the track drops sharply and turns left. As you come over the crest all you can see is trees.

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