The 22nd March 2015 Khanacross results

I was a case of dejavu for some of the drivers at the Douglas Shire Motor Sports Associations khanacross last Sunday.

Cairns driver Ross Dunkerton again set some blistering times in his Datsun 1600 but another seniors moment and a penalty for a wrong direction, again handed the win to Greg Erwin in his Nissan Micra.

Justin Van Dyk jumped into the club car after his Hyundai suffered mechanical issues and finished an impressive third ahead of Greg Skyring’s Galant and a fast finishing Stacie Stephenson.

Stacie’s fifth place finish also had her first in the Ladies class ahead of Kara North and Cassidy Pumpa.

In the junior class it was a race between the two Flynns with both youngsters putting in some impressive lap times. Coming into the last run of the day Flynn Erwin was just a second ahead of Flynn Dunkerton.

Unfortunately it all went wrong for young Dunko when he clipped the inside bank exiting Treeline and rolled his Hyundai. Flynn was unhurt (except his pride) but his car will need some work before the next event.

Flynn Erwin went on to win the junior class and finish a very respectable seventh outright. Second in the juniors was Heath Barry who again beat both his parents and third was Kara North.

Carl Johanson finished eighth outright and third in the rear wheel drive class. With this years re working of the classes and some improvements to his V8 Fairlane his times were only a couple of seconds off the leaders.

The Associations next event is April



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