The 22nd February 2015 Khanacross results

What a difference twelve months makes. Last year local rev heads had to wait until June for the Douglas Shire Motor Sports Association’s track to dry out for their first event. In 2015 the club has been able to run two events already, and we are only half way through February.

The dry weather had caught some members out with this time of the year usually reserved for car maintenance, repair and rebuild. Never the less there was a good turn out with twenty drivers lining up for last Sundays khanacross and junior motorkhana.

The motorkhana was contested by three juniors, who all drove exceptionally well. They competed over 14 runs on the day with all three recording fastest times at various stages.

Toneisha Phillips drove superbly to record the fastest time on the first run and continued to lead for the rest of the day finishing on a time of 1012 seconds.

Ethan Bakker tried hard all day to catch Toneisha but in the end had to settle for second spot on 1041 seconds, while first time competitor Sophie May got off to a somewhat slow and nervous start but quickly improved eventually posting the fastest time on the last run to finish third on 1056 seconds.

Ross Dunkerton got off to a flying start in his Datsun 1600 setting some scorching times in the khanacross and quickly building a lead up over the second placed Nissan Micra of Greg Erwin.

Unfortunately that all came undone on the third run when a momentary lapse in concentration resulted in Ross taking a wrong turn and incurring a penalty for a wrong direction.

Dunko’s 5 second lead over Greg quickly turned to a 23 second deficit.

Ross continued on setting some blistering times over the days competition but was unable to catch Greg’s Nissan eventually finishing second, eight seconds a drift of Greg.

Shane North, who has now made more come backs than John Farnham drove the wheels off his Ford Laser to finish in third place.

The result gives Greg to wins from two starts and he is shaping up as a title contender.

The Cairns father and son duo of Dave and Josh Coulson finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Josh won the junior class ahead of Flynn Dunkerton and Heath Barry.

Heath’s result was pretty impressive as he beat both his Mum and Dad on the day.

The Associations next event (weather permitting) will be on 15th March.


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