The 1st September 2013 Khanacross and Junior Motorkhana results

The latest event held at the Reef and Rainforest track was on Sunday 1st September and was a celebration of a number of dad's doing what they love best...Racing! It was perfect dry and dusty conditions with new members Stephanie Byrne and her dad Peter Byrne and returning members Stick Quinn and Craig Walker with his son Harry enjoying the camaraderie and competitiveness.

In the Junior Motorkhana there were seven drivers lined up with three new comers Sean Demunk, Tobias Janssen and Flynn Dunketon giving it a real go with four fastest lap times. Seems Flynn may have inherited some of his fathers genes in the need for rally driving. The final result with perfectly consistent runs was Cassidy Pumpa in first place, with less than a second in between for Flynn Dunkerton in second place and Krystal Secker in third place.

In the Khanacross event there were twenty-six drivers lined up ready to go. The pace was fast and furious with partners not letting Father's Day getting in the way with Mel Irwin beating her partner Carl Johanson, also Michelle Van Dyke beating her hubbie Justin Van Dyke.

There was a slight altercation on track when Stick Quinn went back to nature and headed for the sticks, literally! His car came out limping back to the pits with him finishing the day in the club car to ensure he had final results for the day.

The final results for the Khanacross saw once again consistently smooth and fast runs prove to be the winning combination with Matt Coulson in first place with all runs bar one with fastest laps, with Bruce Perry in his 4wd in second place, and John Kenna 7/10's of a second behind taking up third place.

In the Ladies class saw Krista O'Dell in first place, Hayley Kenna in second place and a first time podium finish for Michelle Van Dyke in third place. In the Juniors it saw Josh Coulson in First place, Hayley Kenna in second place and in his first ever Khanacross event was Harry Walker in an impressive third place. Well done to all drivers and organisers, it was a great day again.

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