1st December 2019 Khanacross and Motorkhana Results

The final round of the Douglas Shire Motor Sports Association 2019 Championship was run on the 1st December.

With several drivers in contention for the championship the pressure was on from the start.

Three drivers competed in the Junior Motorkhana. Tristyn Henry recorded six fastest times over the day to lead by 16 seconds heading into the last two runs. Unfortunately, he carried a bit to much speed into the finish garage on both runs incurring two 10 second penalties. This allowed the slightly more conservative Daniel Andrews to sneak home in first place just four seconds ahead of Henry.

Isaac Macdonald tried hard all day to match the speed of the other two drivers but finished a gallant third outright, some eleven seconds further afield.

It was a hotly contested field in the Khanacross with the top five drivers all recording fastest time throughout the competition.

Rick Ranscombe, driving his front wheel drive Nissan Pulsar drove superably to hold off the ever looming all wheel drive Subaru’s of John Kenna, Graeme Colls and Krista Kenna to take the win.

Although Krista finished fourth, it was the fact that she scored her first ever fastest time that brought the biggest smile to her face.

Probably, much to the relief of the other junior competitors this event marked the last time that Heath Barry will be classified as a junior as he turns eighteen early next year

Barry won the junior class ahead of Josh Yendle and Seth and Cain Perry with just one second separating the twins.

Seth even posted a time faster than his dad, Bruce on one run, something that Bruce may have to get used to in the future.

Krista Kenna won the Ladies class ahead of Mackenzie Barry and the ever improving Amber Yendle. This event marked the first time that Amber drove without an instructor in the car with her.

photos by Kellie Davis

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