The 19th March 2017 Khanacross and Motorkana results

With much anticipation for a new racing year, club members lined up for the first event of 2017 last Sunday.

A huge effort on Friday arvo and most of Saturday form Heath, Beaker, Baldie, Northy and Stuart Yendle saw the track transformed from an over grown, rutted out mess to something that resembled a race track.

Having already been postponed several times due to wet weather, all eyes were on the horizon and any looming cloud mass. Despite the weather bureau forecasting an eighty percent chance of showers the day began under clear skies.

Alas by 11 O’clock and with not even two runs completed, clouds snuck over the hill from the west. The subsequent rain made the track impassable and the event was called off early.

Of all the days for the bureau to actually get the forecast right!

By the time I left the track at around 2 o’clock there was 22 mm in the gauge and it was still raining.

Seven things I learned from the shortened day.

1: The new paint job on Heath’s Micra hasn’t slowed down the defending club Champion one bit.
2: Despite being our most senior member at seventy something years old, Dunko is showing no signs of slowing down      
3: For the first time in a long time, there were more rear wheel drive cars than front wheel drive and nearly more V8’s than 1600’s.
4: Steve’s now LS1 powered Nissan 200SX is quick and sounds good too. Pity he didn’t put a real engine in it.
5: Old Lasers never die they just go faster, and in some cases too fast for the rotor button.
6: New club member, but previous competitor Graeme Colls is going to be hard to beat this year in his four wheel drive Subaru.
7: Carl’s Fairlane still has a magnetic like attraction to witches hats.

The Association would to give special thanks to local cane farmer and harvesting contractor, Frank Coultard for lending the club the necessary machinery to clean up the track.

The Clubs next event is planned for April 2nd- weather permitting!.



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