19th January 2020 Khanacross.

By Michael Stratus

The Douglas Shire Motor Sports Association has held its first event of the year with Graeme Colls taking out top honours in the 13-run khanacross.
Despite the club not usually running events early in the year due to Queensland’s wet weather season in January, good fortune allowed 20 competitors to have a go at the first of many rounds set for 2020.
Following on from Greg Erwin’s opening run win, Colls then proved to be too good for the rest of the competition, posting the fastest time on eight runs, including three of the first four runs.
From the fifth run, the leader was in an entertaining battle with eventual runner-up Rick Ranscombe as the duo traded wins for the next five runs, before the leader finished strong and took out three of the final four runs, while third placed John Kenna got a fastest run of his own.

With the club usually focusing on junior development, the first outing of the year had six juniors competing - the highest ranked being Cain Perry, who finished an impressive tenth place.

Following on from the successful opening round of the year, club president Bob Errey was thrilled with the event despite less than average numbers participating.
“The first event for the year went well although it was very warm and humid and we were in the middle of a school holiday,” Errey said.

“Being in the tropics, we don't normally get a shot at running an event in January as the wet season has generally set in and the track is too wet to use. Most years, our first event is not until June. It was fantastic to actually have our drivers get a chance to compete.

“This will be the first of many khanacross and junior motorkhanas this year as we try and run them once a month. The club has for a long time tried to promote the juniors, so it was nice to see six there.

“The 12 and 13-year-olds generally start with motorkhanas alongside an instructor and once they are competent, they then progress onto the khanacross. This round, it was great to see two competing for the first time and two competing without an instructor for the first time.

“Hopefully the success of the event gives us momentum for the year, but depending on the weather it could be months before we are back on the track.”


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