19th September 2021 Khanacross and Junior Motorkhana

The nineth round of the 2021 Club Championship was held on Sunday 19th September, after it was postponed from the previous weekend due to wet weather.

Three kids lined up in the junior Motorkhana with new members Kai Furche and Yamato Garate making their debut.
Furche and Eli Smith battled it out for most of the day with both drivers recording multiple fastest times. With only three runs left Smith lead Furche by less than a second.

Unfortunately, a five second garage penalty cost him the lead and Furche was able to take the win by two seconds, a great effort at his first event.

Yamato Garate also recorded a couple of fastest times to finish third.

Eighteen drivers lined up in the Khanacross. The pits sometimes resembling a Subaru dealership with the All Wheel Drive class making up over half of the entries.

Dave Parkinson, Simon Taylor and Heath Barry all arrived with new Subaru Impresa’s and set the scene for battle for the top spot.

Neil Temperley provided some early entertainment putting his Forester up on two wheels and nearly on its roof. A last second steering correction just stopping his Suby from going over. And right in front of all the spectators too.

As with the Motorkhana it was a tale of what could have been in the khanacross. Going into the last run Shane Buchanan held a narrow lead over Rick Ranscombe and looked set to pick up his second win for the year.

Exiting the chicane Buchanan ran wide, hit a marker and incurred a five second penalty. That was enough to hand the win to Ranscombe.

Relative new comers Dave Parkinson and Simon Taylor impressed to finish third and fourth respectively.

In the end, only eleven seconds separated the top seven drivers. With second to nineth places all taken with all-wheel drives, Ranscombe’s win in a front wheel drive car was impressive but for how long he can hold them at bay remains to be seen.

Mackenzie Barry won the Ladies class ahead of Anet Ridley and Tully Smith.

Not to be out done by Neil’s earlier display of stunt driving, Rob Bassett decided to have a go as well, running off the track and parking his Toyota MR2 on top of the embankment at the bottom of the hill. Sitting in the pits and not being able to see anything because of the dust it sounded far worse than it ultimately was but still a scary moment. Fortunately, Rob was ok although the MR2 will be in dock for some time. Speaking late on Sunday night, Bassett expressed his gratitude to the people who came to his aid. “Obviously I’ve been analysing this disaster for some time, but what I never did was thank all the people who came to my rescue and I am ashamed about that” he said.

Club Members head up to Herberton this weekend for the second round of the inter club Challenge against the FNQ Motor Sports Club and then on the following weekend the club hosts the fourth round of the NQ Khanacross Series



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