The 17th June 2018 Khanacross and Motorkhana results

Thirty drivers from the Douglas Shire Motor Sports Association lined up for the fifth round of the 2018 Khanacross Championship last Sunday

Despite it being the fifth round it was only the second time on track this year as three events had been cancelled due to wet weather.

With the track recently being graded and a new section added drivers were keen to rev their engines and hit the track.

Despite his car still not running at 100 %, Graham Colls’ four wheel drive Subaru set the pace for much of the day setting fastest times on six of the eight runs to win on a time of 435 seconds.

Rick Ranscombe battled hard all day with Graham even setting the fastest time on the last run but fell agonising close finishing in second place by exactly half a second.

Heath Barry was a further thirteen seconds further back after incurring penalties for hitting course markers.

Tony Cristaudo had one of his best results to date driving the wheels off his Corolla to finish in fourth place, while relative new comer Rob Bassett is starting to unlock the pace of his MR2, finishing in fifth place.

Junior driver, Oliver Macdonald had his first run on the khanacross track, sharing his dad’s Daihatsu Charade. He finished third in the junior class and nineteenth outright just behind Josh Yendle. A good effort for his first time on the big track. It seams like only yesterday that he was kangaroo hopping off the start line in the junior Motorkhana.

Seth has the bragging rights in the Perry household this week by beating his brother Cain in the junior Motorkhana, while Thayne Bassett continues to show more confidence behind the wheel to finish third. Journey Castro-Clark rounded out the top four.

Erik Andersen had jaws dropping when he arrived to compete in his 1950 Oldsmobile 88 coupe. He is in the middle of an around the world trip and next stop for him is the Targa Great Barrier Reef at the end of August.

Club members will now travel to Herberton next weekend to compete in the first round of the inter club challenge against the FNQ Motor Sport Club. Having not won the challenge yet there is a quiet confidence around the club that this could be our year.

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