The 15th July 2018 Khanacross and Motorkhana results

Another great days racing at the Reef and Rainforest Track with over thirty competitors lining up for the sixth round of the 2018 Club Championship.

Rick Ranscombe drove well all day to finally post his first win at the track just three seconds ahead of second place Heath Barry with Greg Erwin rounding out the top three.

The old lunch time curse saw several drivers including Steve Van der Brug and John Kenna forget which way they were supposed to be going.

New club member Luke Shelley showed that he has some potential, especially once he gets his Hyundai Coupe sorted.

Two juniors, Max Erwin and Journey Castro-Clarke graduated to the big track and had their first run in the khanacross. Despite Journey confusing the brake and accelerator peddles on one run both drove well.

The junior Motorkhana was a battle of the twins with Seth and Cain Perry swapping fastest times all day, while Amber Yendle finished third.



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