15th September 2019 Khanacross and Motorkhana Results

The Douglas Shire Motor sports Association held a Khanacross and junior Motorkhana at its Reef and Rainforest Track last weekend.

What a difference a couple of months makes. From early in the year when the track was too wet to drive on, to now which was all about dust.

Greg Erwin led the field of twenty-four drivers to win the Khanacross in his Subaru ahead of Rick Ranscombe and Krista Kenna. Erwin is starting to get a handle on his new car and is showing some good speed at the moment

Kenna’s third place was her best result to date and made even sweeter, given the fact that she beat husband John on the way to her first podium finish.

With Heath Barry’s car loaded on the trailer ahead of his trip down to the Australian titles he was forced to drive his sister’s car for the day. A fourth out right the best he could manage.

Rob Bassett had a penalty free day to steer his Toyota MR2 into fifth spot and finish first in the rear wheel drive class.

Four juniors lined up in the motorkhana, three who had never driven before. As is usual there were some nerves to start with (even the witches hats were nervous) but as the day progressed their confidence grew and they were soon ripping up the track.

Tristyn Henry made a welcome return to the track and his experience showed as he went on to win the motorkhana on a time of 423 seconds ahead of Baylee Morana and Jaden Lovell. Cooper Morana rounded out the top four.

The club next hosts the fourth and final round of NQ Khanacross Series on 5th and 6th of October. Currently the top three places are held by DSMSA members, with Heath Barry leading on 45 points, Shane North 2nd on 30 points and Rick Ranscombe 3rd on 26 points.


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