Douglas Shire Motor Sport Association Inc.

Round 4
2021 NQ Khanacross Series

2nd & 3RD   October 2021

Supplementary Regulations

1.            Authority
The Event will be held under the FIA International Sporting Code including Appendices and the National Competition Rules (NCR) of Motorsport Australia, the National Motorkhana Code, the Khanacross Regulations, This Event will be conducted under and in accordance with any and all necessary Motorsport Australia COVID-19 Return to Race strategy requirements. The Motorsport Australia Motor Sport Passenger Ride Activity (MSPRA) Policy, these Supplementary Regulations and any Further Regulations or instructions issued by the Organisers.

Motorsport Australia Permit Number is 421/0310/02

This Event will be conducted under and in accordance with Motorsport Australia OH&S, Motorsport Australia Safety 1st and Risk Management Policies, which can be found on the Motorsport Australia website at

This Event will be conducted following the 6 key principles of Motorsport Australia’s Return to Racing document and the COVID19 Event and Venue Plan

Certain public, property, professional indemnity and personal accident insurance is provided by Motorsport Australia in relation to the Event.  Further details can be found in the Motorsport Australia Insurance Handbook, available at

2.         Promoters and Organisers
The event will be promoted and organised by the Douglas Shire Motor Sport Association Inc. PO Box 1331 Mossman 4873. The organising committee shall be Shane North, Bob Errey, Greg Skyring and Sonia Barry

 3.        Officials
Clerks of the Course: Robert Errey   ID#  9874681 (Judge of Fact)

Shane North    ID#  9874687 (Judge of Fact)

COVID-19 Checkers:             Robert Errey and Shane North

4.         Event Details
The Event will be a Multi Club Khanacross, and will be held at the Reef and Rainforest Track, North Mossman on the 2ND & 3RD October 2021. The event will start at 8.30 am on Saturday and finish at approx. 4.30 pm. It will restart at 8.30 am on Sunday and finish at approx. 2pm

5.         Driver Eligibility
Drivers must hold a current and valid Motorsport Australia Speed/Speed Junior or higher licence. No driver shall be under the age of 12 years.

6.         Apparel
All competitors must wear suitable clothing and covered shoes. Drivers of open vehicles and specials must wear clothing from ankles to neck to wrists. All apparel, including helmets, must comply with Schedule D of the current Motorsport Australia Manual.

7.         Vehicle Eligibility
All vehicles must comply with Motorsport Australia Group 4K and Schedule A of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. All vehicles defined as a special by Group 4H must be fitted with a roll over protection structure complying with Schedule J of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. Vehicles must comply with noise restrictions, and with fuel complying with Schedule G of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. Vehicles may have rally tyres fitted and may have passenger and rear seats, interior trim and lighting removed. Fire extinguishers must be fitted. Any night courses will not be counted in the scoring towards the series; therefore lights are not required on vehicles competing in the series.  Vehicles must have an operational horn fitted.

8.         Entries
Entries for the event open at 7.00 am on 20/09/21 and close at 8.15 am on 02/10/21. All entries must be made on the official entry form with all relevant details completed.           
Entry Fee: $100, Juniors  $30.
Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Clerk of Course and may incur a $10 penalty fee.

The following documents must be submitted prior to the event starting;

Signed entry form

Club membership card

Scrutineering forms

Motorsport Australia Vehicle Log Book (where issued)
CTPI Extension (for vehicles registered in Queensland)

The maximum number of entries for the event that will be accepted will be 40 and will be selected by order of receipt.
Event Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry in accordance with NCR’s of the current Motorsport Australia Manual.

Vehicles registered in Queensland under the “Transport Operations (Road Use

Management—Vehicle Registration) Regulation 1999” require a -Compulsory

Third Party Insurance (CTPI) extension valid for this meeting.

9.         Scrutiny
Scrutiny for the Event will be via Motorsport Australia’s Self Scrutiny forms.

10.       Drivers Briefing
A compulsory drivers briefing will be held at the track at 8.15 am on both days. All attendees must practice social distancing.
Running order will be determined randomly by way of names drawn from a hat.
Series competitors will be grouped together and run from car number one thru to the last series competitor.
All club entries will then make up the rest of the field. 

11.       Results
Results shall be decided on the total of elapsed times of the courses completed, plus any penalties. The winner shall be the driver having the lowest total, including penalties, at the completion of the event. In circumstances subject to weather conditions, a minimum of five runs must be completed by each series competitor to constitute a round.

12.       Timekeeping
Timekeepers will be appointed at the discretion and decision of the Clerk of Course. Timing will be to.01 of a sec.
Timing starts when vehicle leaves the garage and ends when it enters the garage. 

13.       Re-runs
Re-runs are not permitted, except in the event of a Force Majeure.

14.       Convoy Run
A convoy run will be conducted at the start of competition. A map of each course will be made available to each competitor before any course changes. All driving tests shall be conducted in a way to display driving skill by the competitor, not course familiarity or memory. All intersections will be clearly marked with arrows where possible.

15.       Club Car
Club cars are provided for competitor use. Cost is $20 per day for adults and free for juniors.

16.         Series Penalties
These penalties are applicable to all rounds making up the NQ Khanacross series.

All course markers hit incur a 5 second penalty (If they require realignment)

Garage markers hit will be considered as one 10 second penalty, regardless of how many garage markers are hit. A 10 second penalty will be applied for failure to come to a complete stop with part of the vehicle stopped outside the garage. Any car that comes to a complete stop fully outside the garage incurs a slowest time + 5 seconds penalty.

No changes, alterations or additional markers may be placed on the course after the look lap or start of a run until all competitors have completed the test.

Failure to attempt the test results in a slowest time + 10 second penalty. If the competitor notifies the clerk of course, the clerk of course may allow the competitor to take his test at the end of the run but before any course change has been made. No competitor shall be allowed to complete back to back runs in this case, should they have missed more than one test.

A wrong direction penalty shall not be more then the slowest series competitor, excluding juniors, + 5 seconds. All slowest time penalties are calculated from the slowest penalty free series competitors times excluding juniors.  

If 5 or more competitors take a wrong direction on any one test, the clerk of course and event director must inspect the course and take reasonable steps to prevent such an occurrence in further tests. They may make such changes to the course to prevent further wrong directions and void the previous tests if they deem changes are necessary.

Vehicles must start & finish in a forward direction.

17.       Car Changes
A change of competitor’s vehicle is permitted at the discretion of the series director if the competitor’s vehicle suffers a breakdown. Class points will be awarded to the competitor in which the majority of the competitors’ tests were completed in for that event.

18.       Car Repairs
If a car suffers a mechanical failure, drivers may make repairs. Drivers order may be changed in this circumstance provided the consent of the Clerk of Course has first been obtained.                                                                                                            

19.       Pits
All mechanical repairs, refuelling, and associated tasks must be undertaken in the designated pit area only.

20.       Classes
 Class A – 0-1300cc
 Class B – 1300-1600cc
 Class C – 1600cc – 2000cc
 Class D – Over 2000cc
 Class G – All wheel drive
 Ladies – All female competitors
 Junior – All junior competitors

If there are less than three vehicles in a class after nominations have closed for the series, they will be elevated or lowered to the next class for the series. This rule does not apply to Class G.

 21.      Prizes/Trophies/Points
Trophies/Points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places overall and respective places in classes.

22.       General
Event Organisers reserve the right to cancel, postpone or abandon the event in accordance with the NCR’s of the current Motorsport Australia Manual.

Any competitor who is deemed by the Clerk of Course to have behaved in an unsportsman like manner or who does not compete in the spirit of the event will be disqualified.

Protests must be lodged in accordance with the NCR’s of the current Motorsport Australia Manual subject to any appeal or protest lodging not interfering with the application of the NCR’s or these Supplementary Regulations.

23.       Alcohol, Drugs and other Substances
A The holder of a Motorsport Australia Licence (or a Licence issued by another ASN) may be tested for the presence of any drug or other banned substance and subject to a penalty for a breach of the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy and/or the Motorsport Australia Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policy at   

Consumption of alcohol in the paddock, pits or any other Reserved Area is prohibited until all Competition is concluded each day.  The holder of a Motorsport Australia Licence (or a Licence issued by another ASN) may be tested for the presence of alcohol by a Motorsport Australia Accredited Testing Official (CATO) in accordance with the Motorsport Australia Alcohol Policy at

24.      Restrictions
Under no circumstances should anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 attend the event. This includes any fever, respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, sore throat, cough, fatigue, or lack of sense of smell.

Under no circumstances should anyone attend the event if they have been:

  • overseas in the previous 14 days:or
  • in contact with someone who has been overseas in the previous 14 days:or
  • in contact with a known COVID-19 positive case in the previous 14days

25.       Passengers

This Event will include a Motor Sport Passenger Ride Activity (MSPRA) which shall be run under and in accordance with the Motorsport Australia MSPRA Policy. Passengers will be only permitted as an instructor with a junior competitor and must be from the same household.