2022 Annual Championship Results and Presentation


With hot and sticky weather conditions, the Mossman Pool was the perfect backdrop for the annual trophy presentation and Club beak-up on 18th December.

Following a swim in the pool and a fantastic lunch (thanks to all who helped by bringing something along) the trophy presentation took place.

Scoring 146 points, Junior driver Cain Perry was crowned Club Champion for 2022. Perry had a terrific year, finishing in the top 5 at all the years events including a round win in October.

He follows in the foot steps of his father who won the Championship in 2009 and 2014.
Perry’s twin brother Seth also had a great year pushing his brother all the way to finish 2nd in the Championship a mere 4 points adrift.

Daniel Easton rounded out the top three finishing on 121 points.

Cain and Seth also finished one-two in the Junior class with Dylan Furche third.

Paige Jenna and Blake Nimmo tied on 77 points to be crowned Junior Motorkhana Champions with Jack-Kenny Nimmo rounding out the top three.

Other class Champions were,

Ladies; Mackenzie Barry
AWD; Cain Perry
RWD; Bob Errey
FWD; Bruce Perry

Dawn White, Sonia Barry and Janet Goodall were each presented with beautiful bouquets of flowers as a thank you for their work throughout the year. The flowers were kindly donated by Candace Johnson.

During the year club members also won the Inter-club Challenge against the FNQ Motorsport Club as well as the Club Championship in the NQ Khanacross Championship Series.

As for 2023, Cain and Seth will no longer be juniors so the younger drivers will have a chance to make their mark. Could there be a future champion amongst them? I think so.





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