Douglas Shire Motor Sports Association


2011 Junior Motorkhana Championship


Whos trophy is who's. Matt Coulson, Junior Khanacross Champion. Krista Henry, 2nd Ladies Class. Kelly Burke, 2nd over 2 litre class. Dawn White, Chef extraordinaire Stacie Stephensen, Club Champion. John Kenna, 2nd under 1600 & 3rd outright Dave Coulson, 1st 1600 -2 Litre. Clinton Pike,    1st over 2 litre. Steve Van der Brug, 3rd 1600- 2 litre 2nd outright. Clayton Attwood, Presidents Award. Krista Henry, Trophy Thief. Club Champions, L to R Steve Van der Brug 2nd, Stacie Stephensen 1st, John Kenna 3rd.  Joshua Coulson, Junior Motorkhana Champion. 1600 -2 litre Champs, L to R Matt Coulson 2nd, Dave Coulson 1st, Steve Van der Brug 3rd. Ladies Champions, 1st Stacie Stephensen, 2nd Krista Henry.


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